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  • Hackaday Prize 2023: Uno Plus+ Updates a Classic
    von Dave Rowntree am Mai 11, 2023 um 6:30 pm

    As an introduction to embedded electronics and programming in a straightforward environment, there isn’t much out there that can hold a torch to the Arduino Uno. Cheap (especially if you …read more

  • Hackaday Prize 2023: 65uino 6502 Learning in a Familiar Package
    von Dave Rowntree am Mai 10, 2023 um 3:30 pm

    [Anders Nielsen] presents his entry for the 2023 Hackaday Prize: The 65uino. Which as you might be able to guess, is a 6502-based microcomputer wedged into an Arduino Uno form …read more

  • DIY Metal Detector
    von Al Williams am Mai 8, 2023 um 2:00 am

    If you want to get rich by hunting with a metal detector, you might want to consider how much you invested in the hardware to start with. Finding a tin …read more

  • Rickrolling SSID with ESP32
    von Joseph Long am April 24, 2023 um 5:00 am

    Reddit user [nomoreimfull] posted code for a dynamic WiFi beacon to r/arduino.  The simple, but clever, sketch is preloaded with some rather familiar lyrics and is configured to Rickroll wireless …read more

  • Building a Motorized Pan Tilt Rig For Filming
    von Lewin Day am April 21, 2023 um 3:30 pm

    Today, anyone can shoot video because cameras are cheap and readily available. But if you want to do fancy Hollywood-style moving shots, you’ll need somebody to point the thing — …read more

  • Forget ChatGPT and Play Rock-Paper-Scissors With Yourself Instead
    von Orlando Hoilett am April 6, 2023 um 3:30 pm

    This isn’t like the cool AI everyone’s getting caught up with these days, but we’re sure it will make a fun party gimmick nonetheless. The premise of [CrazyScience]’s game is …read more

  • An Ultra Low Power Dash Cam
    von Matthew Carlson am April 3, 2023 um 11:00 pm

    Dash cameras are handy as they provide a video recording of interactions on the road. However, their utility comes from the fact that they are always recording while driving. This …read more