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  • Arduino-Controlled Coil Winder
    von Lewin Day am Oktober 21, 2023 um 5:00 pm

    Coil winders are a popular project because doing the deed manually can be an incredibly tedious and time consuming task. After building one such rig, [Pisces Printing] wanted to find …read more

  • Humble Arduino As PLC
    von Bryan Cockfield am Oktober 19, 2023 um 11:00 pm

    On the surface, a programmable logic controller (PLC) might seem like nothing more than a generic microcontroller, perhaps outfitted to operate in industrial settings with things like high temperatures or …read more

  • 2023 Halloween Hackfest: A Spooky Muscle-Brain Interface
    von Kristina Panos am Oktober 16, 2023 um 6:30 pm

    What could be better than a Halloween decoration? Something more perennial, or even something that could also be found in a classroom or lab. Something like [Markus Bindhammer]’s spooky muscle-brain …read more

  • This 3D Printable Soldering Air Filter Really Sucks
    von Kristina Panos am Oktober 14, 2023 um 8:00 am

    If you solder (and we know you do), you absolutely need ventilation, even for that lead-free stuff. Fortunately, [tinyboatproductions] has gotten into air quality lately and is here to help …read more

  • Because You Can: Linux On An Arduino Uno
    von Jenny List am Oktober 14, 2023 um 5:00 am

    There are a few “Will it run” tropes when it comes to microcontrollers, one for example is “Will it run Doom?“, while another is “Will it run Linux?”. In one …read more

  • Auto Xylophone Uses Homemade Solenoids
    von Al Williams am Oktober 8, 2023 um 8:00 pm

    Want to play the xylophone but don’t want to learn how? [Rachad]’s automatic xylophone might be just the ticket. It uses homemade solenoids to play tunes under computer control. Think …read more

  • Smart Coffee Replaces Espresso Machine Controller With Arduino, Sensors
    von Donald Papp am Oktober 7, 2023 um 8:00 am

    A common hacker upgrade to an espresso machine is to improve stability and performance with a better temperature controller, but [Schematix]’s Smart Coffee project doesn’t stop there. It entirely replaces …read more